4 Unhealthy Drinks

Unhealthy Drinks Guide

Especially when watching your weight what you drink can make a big difference in your calorie intake. Without knowing you can be consuming more than a fair share of calories with these four drinks listed below. You can sneak in a lot of calories with beverages especially these four.

So, whether you are watching your weight or want to eat healthier, taking a look at what you drink is very essential and can make a difference in achieving that goal. Pay special attention to these four beverages:


Unhealthy Drinks | Coffee | Soda | Cocktail
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Drinking coffee with 100% fat dairy, artificial flavorings, and additional extras such as chocolate sprinkles and cinnamon can pack as many calories and fat as a meal. Think about it a cup of coffee can contain as many calories as a meal and you don’t know it.

As far as calories are concerned 2 cups of coffee and a meal equals three meals. If that is your breakfast you have consumed as many calories as needed for the day. The best option is to have your coffee plain with only soymilk or better yet antioxidant-rich green tea, to get the same result but in a better way.


Those frothy summer cocktails will take you from zero to up to eight hundred calories in a fly. Whether you have a margarita or pina colada, the sweeter the more packs of calories some of them can easily top 800 calories per drink. Want to double dose your calories in a sweet way, have your summer cocktails very sweet this is due to alcohol and sugar.

A better choice alternative would be a glass of red wine although wine has mostly between 60 – 100 calories it is far much better than cocktails that can top 800 calories per serving.

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Juice Drinks

Most juice drinks are not any better than regular sugar water and some kind of coloring. Make sure you check for the sweeteners and calories before you buy or drink Juice drinks, simply read the label it will tell you if it’s 100% juice or made with real juice.

You do not want the made with real juice because the percentage of the real juice in it is insignificant you should always buy 100% juice.


This is just pure sugar water and some coloring, pure and simple. If you are spending money on soda you are simply burning your money and adding an excessive amount of calories to your body, you might as well buy some coloring, get your water to add a bunch of sugar to it, and add your coloring if you like put it in a soda can or bottle it does not matter.

For soda addicts thinking that it is a thirst quencher, it is time to re-think they need to break that habit because they are not doing themselves any favor. A much better alternative would be to drink your water cold. If you like add a spoonful of sugar (not suggested). Simply put, eliminate soda as a treat and stop reaching for it.

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