June 19, 2024

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Cooking Tips and Hosting Guide

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Cooking Tips And Hosting

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Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips… Like everyone else, I can also coolly receive guests. The main thing is that the guests are not smart and eat what they are served. In this case, it is a pleasure to receive guests. I’m certainly not a drunk, but I like to drink.

I work as a system administrator in a seedy host office. For reasons you understand who I am and from where you will never know. This is what unties my hands.

Now there is a break and searching for everything interesting, I came to your country Business. You can call it that 🙂 Just before giving my recipe for receiving guests, I would like to ask?

And why is the site in the ru zone, but is positioned as Lugansk, although according to some criteria, a lot of tails are left in the forums with Israeli IP addresses?

It seems to me that the owner of the site often visits Israel or lives there. Because if the site is a Jew, then there are plenty of comments from Jews 🙂 I’m watching a Jewish sabbath here.
Okay, let’s go …

Don’t get angry 🙂

So that’s it … For us, Russians consider moonshine and pickles to be the main thing on the table. If it is on the table, then the guest will say to the host “Well done!”. I drank, had a bite and the soul rushed to heaven for oranges …

Then it didn’t matter what was on the table and was there anything at all? There are continuous questions in my head and a desire to share my achievements with the whole world.

I’m not completely alike, and I think, in principle, not much to the left 🙂 I mean, I also think about health, so that after taking a certain glass of vodka, my head doesn’t hurt in the morning, and my liver doesn’t do “Be!!!”. Like “A bad spirit has no place in the belly!”. So, I decided to take a picture for you, it roughly reflects my thoughts.

There must be fat on the table. It lubricates the walls of the stomach and prevents the rapid absorption of alcohol in the intestines. For good work of the stomach, there should be greens and lemon on the table.

Well, if there are also salads, then it will not hurt when. Here, in principle, under such a table you can buzz until the morning, and it is noticed that the head does not hurt and the hands on the clave knock without trembling.

Good luck with your reception of guests and also more interesting things on the portal. I’m glad I found your site purely by accident. Thank you 🙂 Entertained to the fullest…

Some children are sometimes sure that cakes and pastries are created by smiling, kind masters because the dishes are soft and tasty. Others think that not only eating a delicious cake but also its preparation gives joy.

Cakes to order, made with love, will surely make the event unforgettable and delight the buyer. In the production of a wedding cake, all the experience that has been collected by previous generations is used, and advanced technologies of confectionery companies in the sector of such production.

Of course, you can buy a fully prepared cake, but if they come out in bulk, they will not be of value at the celebration. At the same time, not a single cake that is made to order will be similar to another, cakes are different, just like the customers who bought them.

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Now the wedding loaf is a difficult task that accompanies almost every process of marriage because without refreshments it is impossible to simply create a feast for lovers.

Often a wedding cake is an extremely long-awaited dessert because it is served at the end of the celebration, and therefore the gift must be not only tasty but also beautiful, since our cake, in this case, is not only a dish but also a component of the whole event.

Decorating wedding cakes in firms is entrusted to a special caste of employees because the work is quite difficult, the decor can sometimes be compared with jewellery in terms of complexity.

And, of course, if you want to present a cake to a young couple, then you should place an order with professionals without wasting energy, time and nerves on personal undertakings.

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We believe it has become clear that ordering a cake for a wedding is practically a factor in a wonderfully played wedding. So which cake should you order?

It is better to discuss the mass of the cake, contents, and decor elements with the supplier in advance, highlighting the manoeuvre for creativity.

For example, there are real fans of cream cakes, while others buy a cake with a moderate inclusion of cream so that later there is room for other sweets.

The total weight of the cake will be determined by almost the only factor – the number of sweet teeth who came.

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