How Dangerous Energy Drinks – Truth Revealed

How Dangerous Energy Drinks – Truth Revealed

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It may seem like I’m beating a dead horse here but I feel like most of us are being treated like mushrooms. Fed bull crap and kept in the dark when it comes to nutritional education, especially about the dangers of energy drinks. Just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean it’s safe people.

Energy drinks all have varying levels of sugar, caffeine, and other herbal substances, but the underlying dangers are all the same. The amount of caffeine in these drinks well exceeds the maximum recommendations for daily intake of caffeine for children and youth, so big deal, right?

Caffeine is just part of life and we’ve all become oblivious to its harmful effects. I used to have my 3 cups of coffee in the morning until I started investigating the real truth about energy drinks.

Caffeine in excess amounts can be extremely dangerous. It is known to be an addictive stimulant drug and can cause sleep disturbances, headaches, nervousness, irritability, and anxiety. It can also cause changes in heart rate, including tachycardia, which has been linked to energy drink consumption.

Caffeine can produce these effects at different rates depending on one’s size and body weight. For example, less caffeine is required to produce these effects in smaller individuals making children more vulnerable than adults.

Caffeine is also a diuretic which means that it will clean you out and not in a good way. Imagine sitting down for a nice healthy filling breakfast and having two or three cups of coffee along with it. 20-30 minutes later you start making your trips to the bathroom to relieve yourself.

What’s going on here is that most of the nutrients that you just consumed with breakfast have not had a chance to break down and be absorbed into your body. Instead, they are being eliminated through your urinary tract prematurely.

This is the type of information that most people never realize and I hope if you are reading this that you just had an AHAH moment.

Most energy drinks contain over 80 mg per 250 ml, more than 3 times the amount of caffeine in the same amount of soda. However, some energy drinks have been found to contain up to 500 mg per serving.

We also get caffeine from other foods and beverages (eg. coffee, tea, chocolate, dark soda, etc.), so many people may easily exceed the daily recommended amounts.

Age Group Recommended Maximum Daily Intake Caffeine:* 4-6 years 45 mg* 7-9 years 62.5 mg* 10-12 years 85 mg* Adults 300 mg

Dangers Of Too Much Sugar in Energy Drinks

Now let’s talk about the amount of sugar in the most popular energy drinks and the effects on our culture as a whole. It’s no secret that Type 2 diabetes is running amuck in America and for good reason. Everything we eat now has sugar (aka High Fructose Corn Syrup). Don’t believe me, just read the labels on everything you purchase the next time you go grocery shopping.

They snuck this little devil in disguise in on us back in the 70s and it’s now such a part of our everyday life that it goes completely unnoticed by us mushrooms. Don’t believe what the corn refiners tell you either, just do your research and see for yourself why the very farmers that grow this base crop won’t eat it. Not fit for human consumption is what they will tell you.

It’s no wonder why in 40 years we’ll be spending more on medical care than the sum of our country’s GNP! Did you hear that America? It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, with cream and sugar of course. Oh, and don’t forget the caffeine.

So now what are we going to do about this growing obesity problem? Well, believe it or not, our government got something right recently. In December 2008 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Stevia product rebaudioside A (rebiana) as a general-purpose sweetener.

Rebiana is an ingredient derived from the leaf of the stevia plant. Stevia has been available as a dietary supplement in natural food markets for a long time but now that it has the FDA stamp of approval as a safe food source we will be seeing it more and more as companies begin incorporating stevia into new products.

One such company is Yoli which markets healthy, all-natural beverages. In January 2010 Olympic star Carl Lewis will be introducing their organic sports drink called “Fun”. Trademarked stevia sweeteners are Truvia™ (CocaCola and Cargill) and PureVia™ (Whole Earth Sweetener Company LLC and PepsiCo). I’m using the Truvia product which I purchased at my local Safeway to sweeten my now de-caff coffee.

I hope you now have some insight as to the dangers of energy drinks and the truth about these products. The long-term effects are just not worth the short-term rush in my opinion. But try and explain that to a college student cramming for finals. Just glad these harmful drinks were not available when I was in college or I might be on a dialysis machine right now.

Effective ways to burn fat

Basis of a diet the soup, burning makes fat. There is this soup it is necessary daily – so often and so much as you would like. The more you will eat it, the more weight will dump.

At exact observance of a diet for a week, you should dump from 4,5 up to 8 kg. It is very important, that those products which are recommended by a diet, you ate those days on which it is necessary to eat them.

If within a week you have lost 7 kg and more, it is necessary to make a break in observance of a diet for 2 days. Continue it if you can at any time. Do not eat soup outside of a diet!

To resort to a seven-day diet is possible as often as you would like. If you have interrupted it, start over again from the first day.

Only for seven days do you become easier, at least on 4,5 kg, and is possible, and on all of 8 kg. You will feel an inflow of energy and health. Time follows a diet so much, how many awake to feel positive dynamics in the physical and moral condition?

The recipe for soup burning fat: 6 average bulbs, some tomatoes (it is possibly preserved), 1 small, cabbage, 2 green pepper, 1 bunch of celery, and 2 cubes of vegetable broth.

Cut vegetables into fine or average slices and fill in with water. Season with salt, pepper, and if want or sharp sauce. Boil on a big fire for 10 minutes, then make a small fire and continue to cook, while the vegetables do not become soft.

It is possible to eat this soup at any time when you are hungry. Eat it so much, how many want? Soup does not add calories. Fill with it in the morning a thermos to take with you if within the day you awake to be outside of the house.

However, it is not necessary to eat exclusively this soup. It is necessary to fill up a diet and other components.

The day the first.

Soup and fruit. You can, there is any fruit, except for bananas. In melons and watermelons, there are fewer calories, than in the majority of other fruit. Eat only soup and fruit. As drink can use not sweetened tea or coffee (without milk), cranberry juice or water (waters – it is as much as possible).

Day of the second.

Soup and vegetables. Can eat all vegetables you want (crude, fresh, or preserved). The sheet greens are admissible also. Eat all this with soup, yet will not be sated. Steer clear from the dried bean, green peas, and corn.

During dinner on this day, it is possible to eat a baked potato with oil. Do not eat any fruit. Drink water.

The day is the third.

Soup, fruit, and vegetables. Eat soup and all vegetables and fruit you want, having excluded only a baked potato. Drink water. If it is valid within 3 days completely to a diet quite could lose by this time of 2,5-3 kg adhered.

The day is the fourth.

Soup, fruit, and vegetables, including bananas and the removed milk. It is possible to eat 3 bananas and to drink a lot of water, how many it turns out, in parallel with soup. Eat so a lot of soup, fresh vegetables, and fruit, how many you would like, but bananas only 3.

The day is the fifth.

Beef and tomatoes with soup. Can eat 300-800 ó of beef or to the bank of tinned tomatoes (or only fresh – how many it would be desirable). Even once a day eats soup.

Day of the sixth.

Beef and vegetables (especially sheet) plus soup. Beef and vegetables eat for satiety. If you have a desire, can eat all green sheet vegetables that want, but any baked potato. Drink water.

Day of the seventh.

Brown rice, fruit juice, vegetables, and soup. Today you can eat brown rice, not sweetened fruit juice, and vegetables. Rice can be added to soup, and it is possible to add to rice vegetables – onions and tomatoes, a cauliflower. Drink water.

By the end of the seventh day, if you strictly kept to a diet, you will lose from 4,5 up to 8 kg.

Are categorically forbidden: bread, alcohol, the aerated (sparkling) drinks. Anything it is impossible to prepare with the addition of fat.

Miracle Berry: a Tasty Treat and Diet Idea

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So recently I helped put on a “flavor tripping” party, with one of my close friends. The theme? The little-heard-of miracle berry. Native to Africa, it seems the only place the berry can be cultivated in the US is Florida. And I know what you are thinking – no, this berry is not a drug.

It’s completely digested and has no neuro-active components (It doesn’t mess with your brain). It does, however, mess with your nerves, more specifically with the nerves in your tongue. The berry’s pulp contains a special protein that binds to taste buds. The result?

Sour tastes sweet, sweet tastes so-so, and many things taste different from usual. When you first put it in your mouth it tastes sour, but as it touches your tongue, that sour taste turns sweet slowly. It’s easily one of the stranger’s things you will have a chance to eat. And now I’ll run you through a list of what we got for our party and my experiences with it.

  1. Grapefruit – delicious. Usually, grapefruit is bitter and sour, but after the berry, it is very pleasantly sweet. Something I’d eat again (and again, and again)
  2. Lemons – SWEET! It tastes like some kind of super-sweet drink but with some of the sensation of the lemon’s acidity.
  3. Limes – like lemons, but different in flavor.
  4. Salt and Vinegar potato chips – sweet and salty. Very pleasant to snack on!
  5. Tomatoes – little bite-sized tomatoes pop in your mouth and are sweet – almost like some kind of candy.
  6. Granny Smith Apples – pretty mundane actually. They just taste like regular sweet apples.
  7. Bleu Cheese – very strange actually. It tasted sweet, but still had the smell and some of the flavor of the bleu cheese. Hard to explain actually.
  8. Goat Cheese – is very nice. Its flavor varied from semi-sweet icing to a vaguely cheesecakey flavor. One of my favorites.
  9. Cottage cheese – is quite sweet and very tasty. Not the best, but good.
  10. Cream cheese – is easily one of the best. It was like eating cheesecake!
  11. Oranges – tasted sweeter than usual, pretty mundane actually.
  12. Red Wine – tasted very sweet, somewhat like white wine. Pretty tasty.
  13. White Wine – Tasted sweeter than usual, but still like itself. Somewhat mundane.
  14. Guinness – Tasted vaguely chocolatey and bitter. A great drink.
  15. Hot sauce – tasted sweet and burned the lips, but the tongue felt fine. It tasted pretty good!
  16. Dijon Mustard – very, very difficult to explain. This was easily the strangest thing to try. Not my favorite, but I’d recommend it for its novelty.
  17. Sour Patch Kids and Sour Skittles – just like regular sweet candy. Good, but there’s better stuff.
  18. Dill Pickles – since they became sweet, they tasted like regular sweet pickles. Not the best thing out there.
  19. Vinegar – obscenely sweet. And it retained the vinegar kick. Makes a great shot.
  20. Refined lemon juice – like drinking candy water. Good, but I liked the Guinness more.

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So there you have a list of 20 things to try next time you get miracle berries (or for your first time). I can’t help but think there’s some chance that a diet could be adapted to using miracle berries.

Well, a fully-fledged diet might not be feasible, but I think miracle berries might be useful for the people who tend to “cheat” on their diets.

Instead of eating something like candy or cake when the need for something sweet arises, for example, miracle berries and grapefruit can be eaten. The only problems are the price of the berries and their tendency to go bad swiftly.

If you want to try it though, my friend recommends eTech Guide for your miracle berry needs. Just be sure to have some Tums in case you eat too much acidic food!

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