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Inexpensive Cafe Rouge Menu

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Cafe Rouge Menu | Cafe Rouge Offers | Cafe Rouge Gift Cards | Cafe Rouge Locations

Cafe Rouge Menu

Cafe Rouge is a group of restaurants, bars, and cafes that offer French-styled dishes and wines. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also cater to customers who just drop in for a snack. The Cafe Rouge Menu includes an assortment of French classics, such as croquet, baguettes, steak frites, mussels, and chicken.

Cafe Rouge Menu offers a good selection of dishes for children through its ‘Menu Pour Les Enfants’, which includes vegetables, salads, and fruits to make a healthy meal for children. The dishes are assessed by nutrition specialists to ensure that they are healthy. The Prix Fixe menu makes a perfect option for a light lunch and it is offered from 12 noon to 5 pm all through the week.

The Menu du Soir-set evening menu is a suitable option for a quick evening snack after shopping or just gathering with friends. It is offered after 5 pm from Sunday to Thursday. Both these menus offer great value for money and they cannot be used along with other discount offers.

The French dishes in Café Rouge Menu consist of a wide variety, ranging from sandwiches and desserts to traditional main courses like the steak frites and, of course, the irresistible French wines.  Besides the classic English breakfast, Cafe Rouge offers an assorted breakfast menu consisting of warm pastries, baguettes, and smoked salmon croquet.

Cafe Rouge Menu | Cafe Rouge Offers | Cafe Rouge Gift Cards | Cafe Rouge Locations

It also offers several interesting traditional French servings like Bavette marinated in garlic and rosemary. Moreover, the menu offers some low-calorie options for health-conscious customers.

Cafe Rouge Gift Cards are ideal for any kind of dining experience whether it is for a simple gathering or a celebration. The range of printable vouchers offered on voucher websites and the restaurant website offer a great opportunity for anyone to enjoy a pleasant dining experience at one of the fine Café Rouge restaurants, that too at very reasonable prices.

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Cafe Rouge Offers

Cafe Rouge Menu | Cafe Rouge Offers | Cafe Rouge Gift Cards | Cafe Rouge Locations

Café Rouge has over a hundred outlets from Edinburgh to Exeter and it is currently a famous French eatery in the UK. Serving a wide array of French dishes and wines, Café Rouge outlets are restaurants, bars, or cafes that cater to all-day meals, including breakfast, lunch, snack-time, and supper.

Café Rouge Gift Cards have played a vital role in popularizing the restaurant by reaching out to customers with favourable discounts and deals.

Customers can subscribe at their official website and get email newsletters that will update them about the latest Cafe Rouge Offers. The various Gift Cards are updated regularly and new ones are added now and then.

These are online printable Gift Cards that can be obtained from major coupon websites. Besides, social networks like Facebook and Twitter can also be followed to catch up with the latest vouchers. Perhaps, the hottest deal is the ‘2 for 1’ main course that allows customers to buy one and get one for free.

Apart from the great menu, the restaurant has a cheery staff that renders a homely atmosphere. Café Rouge offers can be bought from websites and printed instantly to avail of the discounts at the restaurant. Customers must keep in mind that the vouchers and codes presented at the restaurants are valid.

The expiration date is usually printed on the front of the voucher. Besides, they should also learn about the conditions applicable. For instance, Café Rouge ‘2 for 1’ vouchers can be availed only from Sunday through Thursday.

The restaurant also gives a refund if the voucher is not used provided the packaging is not hampered and it is returned within 28 days from the day of purchase. Otherwise, 20 per cent of the actual price is deducted.

Café Rouge is known to have gained its fame from Bridget Jone’s Diary, the novel where the central character pays regular visits to the local branch. Nevertheless, the restaurant is renowned for its excellent service, high-class French food, and authentic French settings.

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Cafe Rouge Gift Cards

Cafe Rouge Menu | Cafe Rouge Offers | Cafe Rouge Gift Cards | Cafe Rouge Locations

Café Rouge is the renowned name of a chain of restaurants, bars, and cafes that offer French cuisine. With numerous outlets, the restaurant offers delicious food, as well as wine varieties in a great ambience. It embodies the flair and ‘je ne sais quoi’ pertinent to the French dining style ever since its debut in 1989.

Cafe Rouge Gift Cards are a great way to save money on their exquisite dishes. The restaurant offers exquisite French dishes for breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner and caters to varying tastes and appetites. It has a rich menu, ranging from salad and sandwiches to confit de canard and steak frites.

You can also select from its Prix Fixe menu which offers great value for money. Café Rouge Gift Cards consist of promotional coupon codes, discount voucher codes, promo offers, gift vouchers, free delivery codes, and online printable vouchers.

Apart from French classics, including onion soup, smoked Toulouse sausage and mash, mussels, and chicken liver parfait, you can also enjoy the classic English breakfast. Smoked salmon with cheese toppings, filled baguettes, and pastries are a few of the items on the breakfast menu.

Menu Pour Les Enfants offers an excellent option for children, who can choose from a wide variety of dishes. What makes it special is the fact that it is analyzed by a nutritionist to guarantee that it is well-balanced. The kids’ menu includes a range of sausages, fishcakes, chicken, pasta, and pizza, all of which are their favourites.

Cafe Rouge Menu | Cafe Rouge Offers | Cafe Rouge Gift Cards | Cafe Rouge Locations

Selected websites provide Cafe Rouge Gift Cards that can be printed from the Internet. You can view every offer on the website and select the one that suits your situation. So, you need not take the trouble to visit the nearest branch to select and get a discount voucher.

Vouchers offer all kinds of promotional offers, including discounted costs and free dishes. With some offers, children can enjoy a free meal on selected days.

Cafe Rouge Gift Cards offers present good packages that suit the varying needs of the customer. They allow you to enjoy the French dining experience in its restaurants or cafés without worrying about inflated bills.

The discounts offer a great way to dine out with family and friends once in a while. The exquisite French foods and authentic French wines coupled with French-toned café and restaurant interiors are just amazing. Discounts and offers only augment this unique dining experience.

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Cafe Rouge Locations

Cafe Rouge Menu | Cafe Rouge Offers | Cafe Rouge Gift Cards | Cafe Rouge Locations

Café Rouge, the French group of restaurants, bars, and cafes, has over a hundred sites in the United Kingdom. It is open all day and serves morning meals, mid-day meals, and evening meals, including delightful snacks.

Cafe Rouge Locations all over the UK accept Cafe Rouge Gift Cards that are designed to create affordable menus for customers.

Café Rouge in association with the Cactus Language Training program presents Weekly French lessons for its customers at select Cafe Rouge Locations. The training team consists of knowledgeable and qualified tutors who teach the basics including beginner-level French conversation.

They charge £30 for two-hour classes and the cost includes a sumptuous French dinner and drink. Customers, who are interested in learning French, can browse the company website to learn about the locations and timings involved.

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The Prix Fixe, offered at all Cafe Rouge Locations, is a popular menu that offers a light lunch at affordable costs all week. Ranging from baguettes to steaks, the authentic French cuisine offered at various Café Rouge Locations is amazingly delicious.

Though the menu variety is large including Toulouse sausages, boeuf bourguignon, chicken liver parfait, mussels, and so on, the steaks are the highlight of this restaurant. There are low-calorie menus and children’s menus to cater to various tastes and requirements.

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The French wines contribute much to the genuineness of the restaurant. The extensive wine list combined with a robust variety of all-day meals, salads, desserts, and snacks draws the attention of customers.

The magic of French food, courteous services, attractive discount vouchers, and the unique ambience of Cafe Rouge Locations have made it a great success in the industry.

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The Café Rouge website gives all the necessary information about Cafe Rouge Locations and the various coupons and vouchers that can be availed at each restaurant. In association with its charity partner, Rainbow Trust, Cafe Rouge offers support to families of terminally ill children.

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