Italian Cuisine And Classic Italian Food

Italian Cuisine and classic Italian food

After studying some recipes for classic Italian cuisine, many people have questions: what can it be prepared from? After all, Italian products are not always possible to get in Russian conditions. Several purely Italian products are used in Italian cuisine and are quite accessible to Russians.

Olive Oil

Olive oil. Italian cuisine is unthinkable without this product. Olive oil goes into almost all Italian dishes. But don’t be afraid of it. Olive oil is much healthier than regular sunflower oil. It is worth noting that different varieties of olive oil in Russia cost differently.

For frying, the quality of olive oil is not as important as for salad dressings. For example, extra olive oil is suitable. Thus, you need to have two oils: simple for frying and extra oliva for dressing.

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar. This is a typical Italian product, which can still be found on the shelves of domestic stores. Balsamic vinegar is quite difficult and time-consuming to produce.

It is important to understand that balsamic vinegar is not related to table vinegar. Do not replace balsamic vinegar with this ordinary vinegar, otherwise, you will ruin the dish.


Mozzarella. This is a typical Italian product. This hard cheese is made from buffalo milk. There is an abundance of mozzarella on store shelves, however, it is not Italian. Real Italian would have spoiled on the way to Russia.

Therefore, hostesses have to use what is at their disposal. You can still find something similar to mozzarella cheese. For example, this is Suluguni cheese.


Basil. Basil is inferior in popularity to the usual dill and parsley, but in terms of its taste and aesthetic properties, it is magnificent. It should be noted that blue basil is usually present in the markets. This is not the right product. The desired green basil.


Tomatoes. Those varieties of tomatoes that Italians use do not grow in Russia. However, we can find a substitute for this Italian product. You can pay attention to plum-shaped tomatoes, which are meaty enough for the sauce.

Winter stocks: jam

On a winter evening, it’s great to open a jar of jam and drink tea with this sweet piece of summer. But to pamper yourself in the cold season, you need to put your hands on jars and lids in the summer. Nobody argues you can buy jam in the store, but cherry jam, which my mother cooked with her hands much prettier and tastier.

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True lovers believe that cherry jam must be cooked along with the bones. But it is better to spend a little time and remove the stone from the fragrant pulp.

You can remove the pits in different ways, but it is much easier to do this not with a wire loop, but with a special paper, which simultaneously knocks out two pits from cherries and practically works in semi-automatic mode.

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Be sure to try not to miss a single bone, otherwise in winter, being carried away by eating soft and tasty berries, you risk damaging your teeth.

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