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Top 25 Mexican restaurants in America

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Mexican Restaurants

Top 25 Best Mexican Restaurants in the US

Settling on the best Mexican restaurants in America is an overwhelming undertaking no doubt. Where does one at any point start?

You have high-end food-tasting menus with plates as exact as they are limit-pushing. You have basic yet yearning taquerias making life-changing eating encounters open to the majority.

You have places that have been making their mark dish so long that it’s essentially unlawful to make it wherever else (more on that later).

There’s a mind-boggling decent variety of the local foods of Mexico and the various bearings they’ve taken as they’ve crossed the outskirt, blended with American palates.

It’s difficult to represent them all extensively, yet we’re very certain that if you experience the kinds of Mexico at one of these 25 Mexican restaurants, you’ll be completely satisfied with your choice.

At these restaurants across the nation, you can fold into carefully assembled tacos, Tex-Mex works of art or Haute understandings from big-name culinary experts. Discover which of these best 25 Mexican restaurants in the U.S. as chosen by Gayot offer pig ear nachos or fried grasshoppers. Heavenly guacamole.

No. 1: 25 Best Mexican Restaurants

Pollo Norte

2935 NE Glisan Street,

Portland, OR 97232, United States

Mexican Restaurants

It took Pollo Norte all of around a quarter of a year to be announced outstanding amongst other take-out spots in Portland, viably quieting the calls of “there’s awful Mexican food here. For the great stuff, ” From lethargic California imports that only here and there look past a taco truck.

Presently arranged on Portland’s clamoring Division Street, Pollo Norte takes the Kenny Rogers model and wrenches it up. Here, heavenly achiote and lime-tenderized chickens are speared on a spit and pivoted on an imported Mexican rotisserie, where their skin crisps as the juices drop down into the slaw underneath.

The inconceivably succulent chicken is then served up with sides. Don’t rest on the hot frijoles charros with prepared beans stacked with bacon and pork shoulder. In addition to high-quality tortillas and slaw, permitting you to fabricate your tacos on the off chance that you can oppose simply raising it on the bone and into your mouth.

On the other hand. You get the chance to choose when to hold ‘the chicken and crease it into tortillas.

Pollo Norte MENU

Rotisserie Chicken

Seasoned with achiote, sea salt, lime, and chili




All served with housemade tortillasⓋ, roasted cabbage, and fresh salsasⓋ

Pollo Norte Sides


FRIJOLES CHARROS pinto beans, bacon, pork shoulder, chilis

FRIJOLES NEGROSⓋ black beans, epazote, pickled onions

RICEⓋ tomato, carrots, onion, garlic, oregano

POTATOES house manteca, pan drippings, chili, sea salt

SLAWⓋ cabbage, radish, cilantro, red onion, lime

Pollo Norte Bowls


GREEN BOWL rice, frijoles negros, pulled rotisserie chicken, slaw, cotija cheese, salsa verde, salsa habanera

RED BOWL rice, frijoles charros, pulled rotisserie chicken, pan-dripping cabbage, fresh cabbage salad (cabbage, red onion, olive oil, salt), queso fresco, salsa roja

VEGETARIAN BOWLⓋ rice, frijoles negros, avocado, slaw, cotija cheese, salsa verde, salsa habanera

Tortillas (3) Avocado Potatoes Extra Chicken

Pollo Norte Drinks






Make any beer a Michelada for $1 – lime juice, ice, and a salted rim.

We serve only natural, cage-free chicken and use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Our tortillas are made with organic, non-GMO masa, and everything but the beer is gluten-free.

No. 2: Best Mexican restaurants near me

Avila’s Mexican Food

6232 N Mesa St,

El Paso, Texas, United States

If you need a sample of old El Paso – the outskirt city, not the stuff loading stores’ “Hispanic walkway” – there’s just one spot to go: Avila’s. The 65-year-old multigenerational family-run café could without much of a stretch be solidified in a library’s picture chronicle by going with photos of the combo platters and Texas fringe dishes that standard El Paso.

Attempt the hunk-a-hunk cheeseburger steak covered in Hatch chiles and softened white cheddar. Stunningly better, endeavor to best the twin liquid cheddar stuffed chile Rellenos. Go for other nearby staples like burritos or the one-of-everything Avila’s Super Combination at a ludicrous (positively) deal of $12.99.

No. 3: Nearby Mexican restaurants

Revolver Taco Lounge/Purépecha Room

2701 Main St 120,

Dallas, Texas, United States

Revolver Taco Lounge is of three personalities. In the first place, there is the taqueria with a few dishes on offer. Think curry-doused frog legs and Thai basil taco, carnitas-style octopus with roasted leeks, smoking ceviches, and frantic measures of goat served at a typical table disregarded by a wall painting by The Book of Life maker Jorge Gutierrez.

At that point, there’s the Purépecha Room, Revolver’s booking just deleted. Once past the Princess Leia standee sentinel, benefactors experience a fortune in feasting: an ever-changing tasting menu intended to summon the kitchen of Regino Rojas’ mom Juanita.

What’s more, Juanita is in the back kitchen, close by Rojas’ auntie Teresa (the tortilla whisperer) and Rojas, himself, in the jobs of the right-hand cook to his mom and host.

One night, cafes can be blessed to receive a frilly corn and chayote soup with a scramble of tableside cornhusk coals or a gently burned duck bosom fanned along the edge of a plate of piping (pumpkin seed mole) dabbed with raspberries.

At long last, there’s an informal breakfast and everything-you-can-eat buffet that consistently incorporates lobster and Menudo for only a little more than 30 smackers.

No. 4: Mexican restaurants near my location

Eduardo de San Angel

2822 E Commercial Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, United States

The food at Eduardo de San Angel is a marriage of European specialized energy with the multifaceted nature of flavors from culinary expert proprietor Eduardo Pria’s local Mexico. Consider the start-to-finish nature of fixings that go into these dishes, and the costs will appear to be a deal.

No. 5: Best Mexican Restaurants near me

Barrio Café

2814 N 16th St,

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Best Mexican Restaurants near me

For almost 20 years, Silvana Salcido Esparza’s interpretation of local Mexican food has wowed benefactors considerably more than the striking spray painting wall paintings adorning the outside.

The awards began overflowing with essentially promptly, including different James Beard designations. The cochinita pibil, slow-simmered for the time being enclosed by a banana leaf with harsh orange and achiote, is legitimately Barrio’s calling card.

However, you’d be all around encouraged to come hungry enough to investigate a greater amount of the menu like the additionally proclaimed chiles en nogada.

Cooked poblano loaded down with a blend of chicken, apple, pear, dried apricot, and walnut before being canvassed in almond cream sauce and finished off with a Mexican banner-diverting trio of cilantro. queso fresco, and pomegranate seeds.

No. 6: Best Mexican restaurants near me

South Philly Barbacoa

1140 S 9th St,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Cristina Martinez and Ben Miller began their barbacoa activity out of their Philadelphia condo before making what might turn out to be South Philly Barbacoa a spring-up and afterward at long last a perpetual installation in the area the couple praises in their business name.

The possibility that food fortifies the network is at the focal point of the café, which fills in as much as a spot to top off on the moderately cooked sheep barbacoa that Martinez grew up planning in her local Mexico as the eatery does as a gathering place for the trading of thoughts.

The lines of clients lining up for tacos, consommé, tamales, and other customary Mexican dishes are comprised of laborers, culinary travelers, scholars, gourmet experts (some of whom are there for their pop-ups), and neighbors.

No. 7: Good Mexican restaurants near me

Elote Cafe

350 Jordan Rd, Kings Ransom Sedona Hotel
771 State Rte. 179 
Sedona, AZ 86336, United States

At Sedona’s Elote Cafe, culinary expert Jeff Smedstad serves cooking motivated by fifteen years of movements through Mexico. Elote’s rich food is upgraded with nearby wines, cheeses, and produce.

Top choices like guacamole are found close by more one-of-a-kind contributions like smoked pork cheeks presented with cascabel chile sauce, corn cake, and buttermilk cumin shower.

No. 8: Best Mexican restaurants near me

Birrieria Zaragoza

4852 S Pulaski Rd,

Chicago, Illinois, United States

This long-lasting Windy City Mexican eatery has all the consoling greetings of a burger joint with all the displays of a goal café. Here, at Birrieria Zaragoza, the eponymous family spends significant time in La Barca-style birria. This means simmered sheep that utilize tomatoes.

Sit at the counter on the opposite side of the glass and watch from the slashing square where the huge lumps of delicious bone-in sheep are severed and plated in a pool of the tomato-based consommé. Before you ask, truly, the tortillas are made new. You can see that activity from a similar counter seat.

No. 9: Mexican restaurants in NYC


1600 Westheimer Road.
Houston, TX 77006, United States

Born in Mexico City, culinary expert Hugo Ortega worked his way through the Houston café scene before opening Hugo’s with his restaurateur spouse, Tracy Vaught.

Housed in a vintage 1925 structure, affectionately reestablished to the first block dividers and stepped tin roof, Hugo’s is an eating goal worth searching out for dishes like cochito con mole Xico (braised pork shoulder, squashed plantains, and pasilla-dried plum sauce from Veracruz).

No. 10: Famous Mexican Restaurants in Mexico

Broken Spanish

1050 Flower St,

Los Angeles, California, United States

Famous Mexican Restaurants in Mexico

Broken Spanish has a smooth look with natural contacts that set the scenery for champion manifestations like squid stuffed with a brilliant blend of earthy colored rice, green chorizo, fava leaves, and ravigote, a herbaceous, hitting sauce.

The matching of lord clam mushrooms and sheep neck limited by queso Oaxaca (think a milkier mozzarella) as a tamal is an outright should. Pastries are similarly creative. Arroz con Leche gets a graham saltine streusel with earthy-colored margarine, a port decrease. Honeycomb and consumable blossoms intersperse the dish.

No. 11: Mamacita

2317 Chestnut Street.
San Francisco, CA 94123, United States

Mamacita’s inside vehicle visitors from occupied Chestnut Street in San Francisco to the yard of a Mexican town, with a covered rooftop over the adobe house kitchen and a sky-blue roof trickling with bunches of gold stars. The menu presents great dishes produced using new fixings with a scramble of California energy.

No. 12: Enjoy Sweet Delights From The Publix Bakery Cakes

Mary & Tito’s Cafe

2711 4th St. NW,
Albuquerque, NM 87107, United States

An installation in Albuquerque since 1963, Mary and Tito’s Cafe isn’t only despite everything going solid – it’s going combustible. The praiseworthy red chile covers pretty much everything here from omelets to tamales to the crisp-tasting chile Rellenos; similarly popular are the Carne adovada, chicharrones, and appetizing stuffed sopapillas with sides of refrieds done right.

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No. 13: Mexican restaurants open near me


149 Fell St,

San Francisco, CA 94102, California, United States

Gabriela Cámara’s guisado-style taqueria by day, Mexican-style fish eatery around evening time is probably the freshest expansion to the Mexican food scene in years. At Cala, taco alternatives – the familiar, slow-cooked assortment known as guisados – and the occasional, advertise-driven fish dishes change day by day. Quality, however, is perpetual.

That goes from the trout tostadas bested by a cut of avocado and thistle of seared leeks to robust, burned yam joined by an inky, bone marrow-mixed salsa Negra.

No. 14: Cracker Barrel Restaurants

Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia

218 Produce Row
San Antonio, TX 78207, United States

Established in 1941, Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia is the wear of Mexican eating in San Antonio. Alongside Tex-Mex works of art, there are genuine contributions like heated cabrito (kid goat) and Menudo, a garbage soup that is an incredible headache fix.

On out, don’t neglect to get an arrangement of skillet dulce from the coaxing pastry shop case; these Mexican baked goods and confections are among the best around.

No. 15: Top Mexican Restaurant Chains

Carnitas Lonja

1107 Roosevelt Ave,

San Antonio, TX 78210, United States

Top Mexican Restaurant Chains

Focus on a certain something and one thing in particular and sharpen that claim to fame, and you’ll go far. Take for instance Carnitas Lonja in San Antonio, Texas.

Gourmet expert proprietor Alex Paredes, whose family incorporates top-notch food, chose to return to nuts and bolts – however in no way, shape, or form fundamental – with his Roosevelt Avenue shop, which, as the business’ name depicts has some expertise in pork braised in its fat until it turns into a plush, delicious consumable enchantment.

Carnitas are accessible by the pound, in tacos, or tortas. Eat in the principal space with an entryway encircled by foggy glass obstruct, on the open-air yard, or in the encased feasting space where tables are canvassed in botanical Mexican oilcloth decorative liners and straw sombreros embellish the dividers.

No. 16: best Mexican restaurants in Chicago

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana

401 7th St. NW
Washington, DC 20004, United States

Dressed up in its corner area in DC’s Penn Quarter, José Andrés’ Oyamel takes you substance over the fringe down Mexico Way. Appreciate ceviche, mole, or firm grasshoppers in a taco.

No. 17: Mexican Restaurants near me

Carnitas Uruapan

2813 W 55th St,

Chicago, Illinois, United States

if the fluctuating styles of delineated human-pig decking the dividers didn’t enlighten you, you’re going to get down on some pork. What no. of pounds of pork would you like?

If you have a wonderful inquiry in any language… Here you can rapidly end up. Working through a platter of the superbly delicate shoulder. ribs. tummy.

You essentially can’t make an off-base approach a big part, as they’ve been turning out completely cooked entire hoard carnitas for over 40 years.

This year, there is at long last twice as much Carnitas Uruapan. The proprietors have opened a bigger, snazzier spot in the Gage Park neighborhood.

Rather than the requesting line squeezing toward your corner, there are wall paintings of an indigenous Mexican Tarasco kid and of Michoacán state with its urban communities to dazzle the eyes.

No. 18: Popular Mexican Food in the USA

Petty Cash Taqueria

7360 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States

Petty Cash Taqueria entices Angelenos with ceviches, tacos, and more unordinary contributions like pig ear nachos. Stop by during “hora feliz” (otherwise known as party time) Mon.- Fri. from 5 p.m.- 6 p.m. for food and drink specials.

No. 19: Mexican Restaurants nearby

Casa Enrique

5-48 49th Ave,

Long Island City, NY 11101, United States

Since opening in 2012, Casa Enrique has transformed Long Island City into a basic goal for New Yorkers looking for the best Mexican food the city brings to the table – simply take a gander at the run of Michelin stars they’ve set up since 2014.

Casa Enrique effectively speaks to probably the best deal among New York’s Michelin set and discusses what that implies as far as which foods Americans are eager to pay the most for and why justify to an extreme degree an excess of conversation to be managed here.

There’s scarcely space to talk about the food, between the perfect zesty and citrusy lime-relieved ceviche, the lengua tacos that will transform even the most passionately offal-loath into an adherent, the chicken covered in nutty, complex mole de piaxtla – this could go on some time. Simply advance toward Long Island City.

No. 20: Top Mexican Restaurants in the world


251 W. 50th Street.
New York, NY 10019, United States

Top Mexican Restaurants in the world
Top Mexican Restaurants in the World

Casual-stylish environmental factors pleasantly supplement culinary expert Julian Medina’s Haute Mexican joys at this New York eatery. In case you’re in the mindset for the challenge, attempt the chapulines tacos, which are – obviously – Oaxacan-style dried grasshoppers.

No. 21: Western Mexican Restaurants


3544 W Imperial Hwy,

Inglewood, California 90303, United States.

Coni’Seafood is an unbelievable eatery known for its ceviches and shrimp dishes, a sample of western Mexico beachfront state Nayarit in Los Angeles.

The entire head shrimp aguachile is a searing dish cooled marginally by cut cucumbers. Basic yet in no way, shape, or form walker barbecued or seared entire fish is a formula for the exceptional.

The enormous menu is a conspicuous difference from the little yet upmarket features, including the dim wood and dull concrete, and extravagant sets.

The administration is similarly astounding. The stopping, not really. The front part is unceasingly full. Be that as it may, stick to it and discover some road-stopping – it merits the exertion.

No. 22: Best Mexican Restaurants 2020


445 North. Clark Street.
Chicago, IL 60654

Topolobampo’s refined methodology is bleeding edge and stays away from buzzwords, and the food from proprietor gourmet specialist Rick Bayless is continually energizing.

The menu changes frequently, however, we’ve delighted in moderately cooked sheep carnitas and singed dark cod with pozole, avocado, and firm chicharrón (pork skins).

No. 23: Top Mexican Restaurants

El Charro Cafe

Tucson, Arizona, USA.

a similar family has run El Charro since 1922, and no family in America can profess to have run a Mexican eatery for more. The Tucson milestone is as often as possible noted for its (sporadically questioned) guarantee to have designed the chimichanga, yet hello, what several spots have even been around long enough for such a case to be conceivable?

While said seared burritos pack enough flavor that it’s entirely conceivable this could be the OG, the most real house claim to fame is the Carne Seca, which is dried day by day before being destroyed, barbecued up with certain peppers, tomatoes, and onions.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t leave space for the passionate speculative chemistry of singed frozen yogurt, you’re committing an error.

No. 24: Best Mexican Restaurants

Mezcaleria Oaxaca

422 E Pine St,

Seattle, Washington, 98122, United States

Sure, Seattle originally succumbed to the Perez family’s mole negro at La Carta de Oaxaca (where it’s as yet phenomenal), yet isn’t mole negro, as such a large number of things throughout everyday life, that greatly improved when there is significantly more mezcal included?

On the other hand, that mole doesn’t generally require a lot of help, regardless of whether it’s coming to you through a banana leaf-wrapped tamale or spooned onto delicious chicken that you’ll self-convey using a heap of tortillas.

Soul-fulfilling pozole additionally tolls well with no fluid improvement, yet that shouldn’t prevent you from thumping back a flight. It’s in the name. You sort of need to.

No. 25: Best Mexican Restaurants in the United States


128 Greenpoint Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

Named after an Aztec goddess, Oxomoco opened the previous summer to much show, the brainchild of Speedy Romeo gourmet expert Justin Badzarich and companion and restaurateur Chris Walton.

The quite hot heart of the activity is the wood-terminated flame broil, which contacts by far most of the menu, which draws from districts all over Mexico.

Certainly don’t miss the taco arrangement, with extraordinary manifestations like chicken al minister with flame-broiled pineapple and fresh chicken skin and beet “chorizo” that will make even the most solidified flesh-eater envious.

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