June 19, 2024

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What is La Tour d Argent famous for

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La Tour D Argent | La Tour d'Argent | Tour D Argent | Tour d'Argent Cooking

What is La Tour d Argent famous for?

The essence of French cuisine nurtured over 400 years of history with the finest hospitality.

La Tour d Argent is named after the shining “silver tower” that can be seen from the banks of the Seine. Its history began in 1582 on the banks of the Seine in Paris. The Paris head office has nurtured the history and tradition of French cuisine as a gastronomic hall where royalty and aristocrats from around the world gather.

The Tour d Argent Tokyo store, which is loved by people as the only branch, will deliver a variety of luxurious gems. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

In 1582, an inn (auberge) opened on the banks of the Seine River, overlooking Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

From this shop, I had a good view of the tower southwest of Tournel Castle. The tower, adorned with mica, glittered and was known by the name of the Tour d Argent (Silver Tower). The owner of the inn asked the king to use this tower as the coat of arms for his shop.

La Tour D Argent | La Tour d'Argent | Tour D Argent | Tour d'Argent

One day, King Henry III of France, who had finished hunting, visited the shop. Noticing the “handy gadgets” used by the Italians at the following table, the King ordered the shopkeeper to stock up on these wonderful gadgets for the next time the King stopped by. This was the scene in which the “fork” first appeared in the history of French food culture.

After this episode, it is said that the use of “fork” spread in France. The reputation of Tour d Argent’s duck dishes was established by Frédéric Derail, head waiter at the Paris head office at the time. A legend in the La Tour d Argent, this man is said to have carved the signature dish, duck, into pieces with such delicacy as if it were embroidered.

Cocteau was so impressed that he drew a picture called “Frederick or Ibsen and the Wild Duck”.

Confident that his culinary creations would survive for generations to come, Frederick came up with a unique idea and put it into action. The practice of assigning a number to each duck served to a customer has become a tradition that has been handed down to the present day.

Enjoyed the duck dish. In 1982, the Paris flagship store celebrated its 400th anniversary.

La Tour D Argent | La Tour d'Argent | Tour D Argent | Tour d'Argent

Two years later, there was an event that greatly shook the history of Tour d Argent. The world’s first branch of Tour d Argent, which boasts a secret.

In the fall of 1984, as part of Hotel New Otani’s 20th anniversary, the Hotel New Otani opened “Tour d’Ano Legend Tokyo” in a place overlooking a beautiful garden with a history of 400 years, just like the main store in Paris.

At the Tokyo store, we started with the duck number following the glorious 53,211 ducks when Emperor Showa visited the Paris head office.

To this day, La Tour d’Argent continues to evolve as a representative Grand Maison of Japan while cherishing the tradition of orthodox French cuisine, in order to serve as a bridge between French and Japanese food cultures.

Renault Auger

La Tour D Argent | La Tour d'Argent | Tour D Argent | Tour d'Argent

Renaud Augier

Executive chef

Born in Grenoble, France in 1981.

At the age of 16, he started his apprenticeship at a 1-star restaurant, and after studying at a number of 2- and 3-star restaurants, he worked at Tour d Argent in Paris, and in the spring of 2013, opened the only branch of La Tour d’Argent in the world, Tokyo. Appointed as Executive Chef.

Tour d Argent inherits the tradition and esprit of the Paris flagship store while delivering new creations with the chef’s fresh sensibility and skill.

Loic Pivo

La Tour D Argent | La Tour d'Argent | Tour D Argent | Tour d'Argent

Loïc Pivot

chef pastry chef

Born in Paris in 1974.

At the age of 18, he started training to become a chef, but at the age of 22, he was drawn in by the charm of sweets, trained at many famous shops, and walked the path of a pastry chef.

In the spring of 2014, she became the chef pastry chef of La Tour d Argent’s only branch in the world, Tokyo.

Akihiko Nosaka

La Tour D Argent | La Tour d'Argent | Tour D Argent | Tour d'Argent
La Tour D Argent

Akihiko Nosaka

chef sommelier

With 20 years of experience in luxury hotels and restaurants in Tokyo and overseas, after training at the Tour d Argent Paris main store, I was appointed as a chef sommelier at the La Tour d Argent Tokyo store in May last year.

  • 2007 3rd place at Jalux Wine Award
  • 2008 3rd place at Jalux Wine Award
  • 2010 7th Cuvée Louise Pommery Sommelier Competition Finalist
  • 2011 6th All Japan Best Sommelier Competition semi-finalist
  • 2014 7th All Japan Best Sommelier Competition 2nd place
  • 2015 3rd Asia Oceania Sommelier Competition Japan representative.

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